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FBUP Episode 012: Evaluating the Case Against Homosexuality in Uganda

Uganda has a strange obsession with homosexuality.

antigaydemonstrations2Many among us have declared homosexuality to be ‘unnatural, and this ‘unnaturalness’ being one of the reasons we say homosexuality is to be resisted. Some among us also like to argue that homosexuality is un-African – being a Western import – and for that reason it too should be resisted in order for us to preserve what some call our African traditional values.

There are those who say homosexuality will lead to the extinction of man if it were accepted, the worry being that people would no longer be reproducing since they would marry members of the same gender. It is further alleged that homosexuals ‘recruit’ children into homosexuality – and are targeting them in secondary schools. It is also the case that according to most people’s religious beliefs, ‘God’ hates the act – and thus in the interest of fulfilling these moral demands of ‘God’, homosexuality should never be condoned in society.

For these and other reasons, most people in this country feel that homosexual acts should (be) remain a criminal offense (as is currently the case). In 2009 a bill was introduced that sought to put people to death for being a homosexual person. Today in Uganda there is what might best be described as hysteria about the purported dangers of homosexuality.antigaydemonstrations5

In this podcast, I want to  discuss the reasons I have heard people give for considering homosexuality to be a threat to the country, and why I think those reasons fail. I will also proceed to make a case for why laws criminalizing consensual sex between adults of the same sex should be scrapped.

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 012 – Evaluating the Case Against Homosexuality in Uganda (27MB)

[Episode Duration: 1:55:41]



3 responses

  1. Running around Mbale this weekend. I must find time to study this more carefully … perhaps tomorrow evening. Thanks for being the voice of common sense on this issue.

    April 28, 2012 at 2:51 pm

  2. henriettqa

    Homosexuality is as lot as humankind. The reason is said to be a Western thing is that it hasn’t been brought to forefront due to the limited criterion of access. But now with the availability of technology at every corner of the world with the globalization thing at play it has apparently become viral on every new day.

    Personally, I do condemn the act with the strongest terms possible I can’t imagine my we-brought up son being mounted by some nuisance.

    However, the stringent means of survival in Africa and rest of the developing world is making us become vulnerable to the advocacy of homosexuality especially from the developed countries that extend us some kind of help in the name of ‘grants’.

    By and large, we should be able to resist the vice if and only if our leaders were realistic enough with the utilization of the available resources at our disposal that make us subscribe to unnatural remedies for survival.

    I however, disagree with your notion that, the advocacy for the criminalization of the culprits and the proponents of the vice be scrapped it should instead be upheld with tougher punishment such that it it is to be practiced it should be done in isolation cases and in privacy but not openly as the backers of the vice seem to wish.

    It’s my prayer that, this unnatural and criminal act be at-least minimized in our country. The Bible itself to wish we subscribe to teaches against homosexuality. God created Adam and Eve and not ?Adam and Enoch the very reason it is VERY UNNATURAL and against our christian teachings.

    Lastly, Fat Boy, I’m requesting you to make public that you have denounced the use of your name JAMES with immediate effect. You can try to hide that u were baptized a baby even then when you came of age why are you still holding unto it at the same time very much against religion? Moreover, VEHEMENTLY????

    April 28, 2012 at 5:56 pm

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