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FBUP Episode 19: Racism (Part 2b) – Stirling vs. Bieber.. A Tale of Two Racists


In this podcast, I compare the reactions of black entertainers to the racist utterances by Donald Stirling with their reactions to the racist jokes by Justin Bieber, and the untold truth that this reveals.

Relevant information:

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 019 – Racism (Part 2b) (9.05MB)

[Episode Duration: 19:47]


Fatboy Unplugged – the Cartoon! Seriously.

The Fatboy Party Seriously Rocked!!!!!

I promised a lot. And I delivered.









We are doing this again VERY SOON

The Fatboy Party – July 2013

fatboy party

F Bizzy – Be My Valentine (LYRICS)


Be my Valentine… Be my… Be my Valentine

Be my Valentine… Be my… Be my Valentine

I have a boyfriend F Bizzy (I know)

I have a boyfriend F Bizzy (So what)


Verse 1:

Your boyfriend is a loose guy

He doesn’t love you – and yet you’ve tried!

You’ve done everything but the guy is so dry

It’s okay baby I’m here so please don’t cry

Maybe in future, there will be an improvement..

…he’ll be devoted to you and …you’ll forget the money the fool spent…

…on all the other girls – that were not you

Maybe he’ll realise – you’re his true boo!

But in the meantime, he’s still being a player

He’s playing with your feelings, as If he don’t really care

Valentine’s round the corner – and he’s not even there

So this is where I come in, I’m the answer to your prayer!