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The Fatboy Party – July 2013

fatboy party


FBUP Episode 011: Weekly Rant 22/04/2012

rihanna1 In this week’s rant I talk about:

  • MPs trying to restore presidential term limits
  • The Arab Spring – a revolution that wasn’t
  • Corporate urban women in Uganda opting for artificial insemination
  • Kids are into NIcki Minaj’s music, apparently
  • Titie cohabited with a guy and she says they abstained?
  • Rihanna
  • Etc

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 011 – Weekly Rant 22/04/12 (12.4MB)

[Episode Duration: 52:49]

FBUP Episode 010: Weekly Rant 14/04/2012

kim and kanye In this week’s rant I talk about:

  • Resumption of Fatboy Unplugged podcasts
  • The death of Professor George Wilberforce Kakoma (the composer of the Ugandan national anthem) and the opportunistic politicians trying to leech off his legacy
  • Mugabe ain’t dead yet
  • Kanye West, Kim Kardashian  and her on-going divorce
  • How the internet is killing you
  • Etc

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 010 – Weekly Rant 14/04/12 (6.7MB)

[Episode Duration: 37:54]

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