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Fatboy Hangout #001 – Society, State of the Media, and Marriage

Fatboy and Kojo converse about society, media and marriage on this inaugural Google Hangout.

Download mp3 of this Google Hangout here (right-click and ‘save as’).


FBUP Episode 016: The Eternal Bore that is the Lukwago Saga

erias lukwago

Everyone seems to have lost their minds over the on-going fiasco. This podcast is my take on what the true genesis of the madness actually is.

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 016 – The Eternal Bore that is the Lukwago Saga (2.73MB)

[Episode Duration: 11:57]

The sebaspace article.

“Our Country, Our Dignity, MY DUTY”

… was the theme at the National Civil Society fair that took place from 4th to 5th July 2013.

Talking Tent

I was invited by the Uganda Youth Network to participate in a part of the event dubbed ‘the Talking Tent’ on July 5th, which, as per their letter to me:

[…] is an innovation aimed at creating an interactive space for young people to interface with outstanding and influential role model personalities in an informal tent setting. The idea of the talking tent is for the host to share with young people, who they ordinarily would not engage with, their thoughts and a reflection on a n issue in line with the theme.

Download: Here is an mp3 of my talk.

My opinion can be summarised as follows: patriotism is bullshit, empower yourself.

FBUP Episode 014: Weekly Rant 06/05/2012

democracy I’m the guy on the left walking off the plank 🙂

In this week’s rant I talk about people and their over-dependency on the government. And why I’ve chosen to opt out of the never-ending debate on how to improve it.

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 014 – Weekly Rant 06/05/12 (3.82MB)

[Episode Duration: 16:40]

FBUP Episode 013: Weekly Rant 29/04/2012

beyonce most beautiful womanIn this week’s rant I talk about:

  • Rising youth unemployment in Uganda

  • Ebinyebwa

  • Where have the ‘real’ men gone?

  • Beyoncé

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 013 – Weekly Rant 29/04/12 (9.54MB)

[Episode Duration: 41:40]