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FBUP Episode 006: Miracles?

Everytime I watch a Christian channel in Uganda I regularly see programmes where people are getting thrown off their feet while all manner of ‘evil spirits’ are supposedly cast out of them. All of these people then claim they have been ‘healed’ miraculously. They give testimonies as to how they were sick before attending that miracle crusade (or prayer service), but that now they are miraculously healed. The crowd predictably gives glory to ‘God’, as the pastor triumphantly parades the ‘healed’ individuals around the stage.

On the face of it, it all does seem very convincing – and everytime a crusade is announced, tens of thousands of believers flock to attend them, and stories will always be told afterwards of how many were healed…

okay… now this is fucking stupid. WTF?

I just don’t buy it. Not for a minute. In this episode of Fatboy Unplugged, I explain why.

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 006 – Miracles? (7MB)

[Episode Duration: 29:22]


FBUP Episode 002: Can Science Be Trusted?

Whenever I’m debating a person on an issue and I provide scientific evidence to back up my claims, its not uncommon for the person I’m debating to question whether or not that scientific evidence can be relied upon – not because the evidence is questionable, but because, in this person’s opinion, science is questionable.

Alleged disagreements between scientists are trotted out as ‘evidence’ that everything boils down to a matter of speculation, and that nobody really knows anything.

But is this true?

In this podcast, I examine the reliability of science, how the scientific method works, and why we can rely on science to help us understand the reality we live in.  I also examine the motives of people who seem eager to undermine the validity of science as a way of acquiring an understanding of reality.

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 002 – Can Science Be Trusted (4.7MB)

[Episode Duration: 19:27]

Oh, and just in case you plan on hitting me with the ‘scientism’ straw man, go read this.