Uganda’s King of Radio… Unplugged, Uncensored & Unleashed

FBUP Episode 017: Racism (Part 1)

Trouble at Bubbles.

wailing child

Poor Lindsey’s meltdown.

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 017 – Racism (Part 1) (5.12MB)

[Episode Duration: 21:51]


One response

  1. Alan Shields (Patrick Shields, my son should also rate a mention)

    Just rewatching the Fry/Male debate from the 2013 TV show. Good on you for hosting it. My son, Patrick, age 10 was similarly impressed. We need more like Male, ranting lunatics who make other’s reasoned arguments so much stronger. Now, where can I get a ‘Fatboy’ T-Shirt?

    February 25, 2015 at 10:14 am

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