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FBUP Episode 19: Racism (Part 2b) – Stirling vs. Bieber.. A Tale of Two Racists


In this podcast, I compare the reactions of black entertainers to the racist utterances by Donald Stirling with their reactions to the racist jokes by Justin Bieber, and the untold truth that this reveals.

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Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 019 – Racism (Part 2b) (9.05MB)

[Episode Duration: 19:47]


FBUP Episode 018: Racism (Part 2)

Don Stirling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has been banned for life by the NBA, fined $2.5 million and a process has been set in motion that would force him to sell his team if three quarters of NBA owners vote in favour. Why? Because because recordings of him making racist comments (in a private phone conversation with this girlfriend) were made public. More here.


I call bullshit on this. The ‘racism’ card is so old. It is so tired. And it is what keeps blacks backward. Its time we let it go.

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 018 – Racism (Part 2) (6.89MB)

[Episode Duration: 29:24]

FBUP Episode 017: Racism (Part 1)

Trouble at Bubbles.

wailing child

Poor Lindsey’s meltdown.

Download: Fatboy Unplugged – Episode 017 – Racism (Part 1) (5.12MB)

[Episode Duration: 21:51]